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Application form:

Linlithgow Palace Focus Group 2010

Please note that all data supplied to Interpretaction on behalf of Historic Scotland will be held in confidence and only used for the purposes of this focus group project. Regrettably we cannot accept focus group members aged under 16 years of age on this occasion.
Section 1 – about you:
1.         Full name:
2.         Address (including postcode please):
3.         Daytime/evening telephone numbers:
4.         E-mail address (if you have one):
5.         When would you prefer focus groups to take place? (please mark any which apply with a X before the option, e.g. X Female):
            Monday           Tuesday      Wednesday
            Thursday         Friday   
            Saturday (daytime)     Sunday (daytime)
            Morning           Afternoon        Evening
5.         Would you describe yourself as:
            Male                Female                       
            Single              Parent with child(ren) under 16
            Parent with children who have left home
            Working full or part time        Retired                       
            16-24 years    25-34 years    35-44 years           
            45-54 years      55 – 64 years     65+
            Prefer not to give age
            Linlithgow born and bred        
            Have lived in Linlithgow area since childhood                                             
            Moved to Linlithgow area fairly recently     
            Live more than 1 hour away from Linlithgow
            Often visit Linlithgow Palace or Peel (parkland)
            Occasionally visit Linlithgow Palace or Peel             
            Have never visited Linlithgow Palace or Peel
            Historic Scotland member     
            National Trust for Scotland Member

Section 2 – about how you think and learn*
Please complete this section as quickly as you can, without thinking too hard about your answers or asking anyone else what they think. Again, just mark any answer with which you agree with an X, e.g.: 
X I like plays, poetry, books, radio, and talking         
There’s no limit to the number of Xs you can put down and there are no right or wrong answers. 
Most people enjoy this section and we hope you do too! 
I like plays, poetry, books, radio, and talking                                           
I learn well from books, tapes and listening to others
I think I’m a good talker
I like a guided tour at an historic site
I think I’m good at explaining things to others
I like writing things down if I’m trying to understand something
I like logical explanations for things                                                   
I like historic sites to have clear visitor routes
I like solving puzzles and problems
I look for patterns and links between things
I approach most tasks in a step by step manner
I’m good at estimating quantities
I’ve got a good sense of direction                                                                    
I see things most people don’t notice
I often imagine the past when visiting an historic site
I am quite good at parking my car
I like historical drama on TV
I like map-reading and navigating on journeys
I am most myself in the outdoors
My dream job would be to work in the open air
I like historic sites set in attractive natural surroundings
I prefer a romantic ruin to a complete building
I sometimes feel claustrophobic indoors
I’m good at identifying birds, plants etc.
I quite often get a tune ‘stuck on the brain’                                       
I imagine stories to accompany pieces of classical music
I like to listen to music while working or walking
I sometime find myself tapping out a rhythm when travelling by train
I can remember the theme tunes to long-distant TV programmes like ‘Crossroads’ and ‘the Virginian’
At historic sites I like to listen to audio-tours with music, voices and sound effects
I’m a bit of a peacemaker                                                                                    
I think I am sensitive to others
When I visit a historic site, I enjoy watching other people as well as my visit
I am interested in how others think and feel
I’m involved in clubs and community work
I think I’m good in a team
I like to daydream, imagine and fantasise                                                           
I like privacy and peace and quiet
I prefer to do things alone rather than in a group
I like to visit an historic site on my own without a guide, thinking my own thoughts
Most of the time I understand how and why I behave as I do
I think about my actions and their consequences
I like sorting out problems physically                                                     
I like working with my hands
I enjoy sports, games and physical exercise
I like historic sites with physical activity (like climbing stairs) and hands-on exhibitions
I like to learn by doing rather than being shown
I remember things I have done (better than things I have been told about)
*Please note: these questions are adapted from Professor Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence
Section 3.        What happens next?
Please either copy and paste sections 1 and 2 of this form into the ‘contact us’ section of this website, or if you prefer print it off and post it to:
Verity Walker, Interpretaction, 6 Greengates Place, Fortrose, IV10 8RY, ideally to arrive on or before Friday 4th June 2010. We will contact you before Friday 11th June. If you have any queries please contact us via this website and we will aim to respond by return.
We really appreciate you taking the time to do this and hope to meet you soon.
Verity Walker

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