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This year's 'Christmas slush' quiz was obviously a bit too easy!  It was sent at midday on Tuesday December 15th.  Seven correct answers were received by 4pm that day.   56 have been received this week - well done everyone who had a go! 

And this year's winner?

Karen Griffiths and the Yorkshire Dale National Park Authority interpretive team (chocs or bakery goodies in post shortly). 

Honourable mentions to Plexusmedia in Cromarty (just three minutes behind) and Chris Gidlow of Historic Royal Palaces/IMTAL Europe (15 minutes behind).  Very impressive!

We'd like to invite the top three to recommend the theme of next year's quiz.  Get your thinking caps on, chaps...

In the meantime, here are the questions, and below, the answers.


Q1.       Which actor played the role of Scrooge in "The Muppet Christmas Carol"?
Q2.       Which actor died on Christmas Day, 1977?
Q3.       What Christmas-related item was first produced by Sir Henry Cole in 1843?
Q4.       Joulupukki is the name given to Santa Claus in which country?
Q5.       In which American city was Christmas outlawed from 1659 to 1681?
Q6.       Which country donates a Christmas Tree to Great Britain every year, which is displayed in           Trafalgar Square?
Q7.       In 1998, what name did Birmingham City Council attempt to give the period covering        Christmas and the New Year?
Q8.       Based on European folk tales, "Cinderella", "Puss in Boots" and "Sleeping Beauty" were all         published by which French writer?
Q9.       In the 2005 Old Vic production of "Aladdin", which eminent actor played Widow Twankey?
Q10.     Which Christmas food's mediaeval origin was Plum Porridge?
Q11.     Which Christmas song started life as a poem by an American advertising executive?
Q12.     In 1966, Tom Jones broke a sequence of Beatles' Christmas No. 1 hit singles, with which             recording?
Q13.     In the Charles Dickens novel "A Christmas Carol", which is the second ghost to appear?
Q14.     Every Christmas Eve, a Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is broadcast from where?
Q15.     Who sang the first line of the 1984 recording of “Do They Know Its Christmas?”
Q16.     Which spacecraft spent Christmas Eve 1968 orbiting the moon?
Q17.     On the tenth day of Christmas, what did my true love send to me?
Q18.     Which Christmas carol includes the line ‘the playing of the merry organ’?
Q19.     Which Christmas song was first heard in the 1942 movie, “Holiday Inn”?
Q20.     Which actor once said, “Christmas at my house is always six or seven times better than  anywhere else. We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa             Claus, we’ll be seeing six or seven”?
Christmas quiz answers
1.   Sir Michael Caine
2.   Charlie Chaplin
3.   The Christmas Card
4.   Finland
5.   Boston
6.   Norway
7.   Winterval
8.   Charles Perrault
9.   Sir Ian McKellen
10.  Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake
11.  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
12.  Green, Green, Grass of Home
13.  The Ghost of Christmas Past (Oh yes it was, Jacob Marley was No 1).
14.  Kings College, Cambridge
15.  Paul Young
16.  Apollo 8
17.  Ten lords a leaping (sorry, don't care if it was sung in a different order in mediaevalTransylvania and no you don't get an extra point for colly birds although that is definitely our preference too - yes, I am heartless...)
18.  The Holly and the Ivy
19.  White Christmas
20.  W.C. Fields





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