Welcome to the Interpretaction website!

Our current projects include:

  • Managing the digital and social media elements of 'My heart's in the Highlands', the biggest ever Highlands & Moray museums and heritage initiative.  Download our free iphone/ipad app from May 9th via the Apple store, or register now at www.hearthighland.org!  We're helping out on the event management side, too...
  • More fun with Woodland Trust Scotland - this time managing a community-orientated soundslides development internship in the late summer/early autumn 2014. We still have places available for this so get in touch if you are interested.
  • Researching the First World War history of Bavay, the small town Verity Walker's grandfather liberated in 1918 with a view to commemorative events and activities there over the next few years.
  • Working on funded market research for scrAPPbook, an original community cohesion development tool developed from a Design in Action Chiasma (if you get the chance to go to one of these brilliant events, go!)